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Dean B. ~ Wealth Management Advisor

Love it!
I really appreciate the attention to portfolio risk on the downside and not just focusing on volatility. 

Patricia P. ~ Financial Advisor

Better Tool!
Other assessment tools are more about marketing, whereas this is all about analysis with risk profiling for both the client and the portfolio.

Lauren S, ~  Financial Advisor

Builds Instant Trust! 
It's a great conversation starter because it helps enlighten people about what they own and it's information they won't get anywhere else. 

Deliver Risk Analysis High Net Worth Clients Love

There's Not a Better Tool on the Market!

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Bob Veres • Insider Information

The Award-Winning Tool to Educate High Net Worth Clients Who Like to Greed In and Panic Out of the Market at the Wrong Times...


It's easy to learn and provides actionable insights that clients and prospects can understand. The scoring system is the best in the industry. 

Lauren S • Robertson Stephenson

You can show a lot of different iterations all at once on the screen and on the fly. Most prospects react pretty well to it! 

Robertson S • Financial Advisor

Ready to deliver risk analysis high net worth clients love?

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Ever experienced the following challenges?

Your time is your most valuable asset, right? You're missing tools that help you create client-ready proposals within minutes and just a few mouse-clicks. 

Attend our workshop and see how our top advisors send branded, personalized proposals in under 5 minutes....no more wasting hours over a mishmash of Excel sheets, pdf documents, etc.
Struggling to Turn Conversation with Prospects from Price to Advice
Struggle to Pinpoint Exactly How Much Risk High Net Worth Clients Have, Want & Need?
The problem with most assessment tools is that they miss the analysis with risk profiling for both the client and the portfolio. You need to provide actionable insights that clients can understand. 

Attend our workshop and see how our top advisors deliver risk analysis that high net worth clients love with side-by-side comparisons illustrating what they actually own and the amount of risk involved compared to your proposal that shows the increased potential return and decreased exposed risk.
Tired of prospects asking why they should pay a fee when their numbers are better than yours? Imagine never hearing it again when you deliver perfect proposals that prospects love!

Attend out workshop and see how our top advisors deliver risk analysis in just a few mouse-clicks that help them win new high net worth clients faster.
Spending Hours to Create and Send a Proposal
Loved by 500+ Advisors Nationwide Managing Over $31 Billion in AUM
Show clients how you can help them reduce downside risk in 2022
Build perfect proposals under 5-minutes with 100% assets including held-away
Pinpoint exactly how much risk an investor has, wants and needs

What You'll Discover in the Workshop

How to cut your proposal generation time by 80% ~ Time saved means more time to serve your clients
How to convince high net worth clients to hire you in 9 easy-to-follow steps that illustrate your expertise better than competitors
Why risk scores are risky and the dirty little secret that popular risk analysis software don't want you to know
How the magic of the sequence risk analysis for retirees compels high net worth clients to accept your recommendations

How a standardized approach reduces compliance risk, increases production, and recognizes you for outstanding customer success

How to select meaningful data and convey it in a visual format to high net worth clients for successful communication
How to add customized sections, existing collaterals, switch the order of the sections, set up blended models and benchmarks, and control company-level format and language
Stratifi connects to your custodian through our direct and partner integrations that gives us access to over 20,000 financial institutions